Serving the cricket community and creating new participants throughout Ontario- it's our passion


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The Ontario Cricket Development Organization is a registered not-for-profit group whose activities are focused on promoting cricket at the community level. Since 2005, we have visited nearly 100 schools in the Peel Region, conducted coaching certifications for more than 200 community sports leaders (including teachers, sports instructors, volunteers) and engaged thousands of people of all ages in cricket.

From community coaching programs, Youth and Adult Cricket Leagues, Learn to Play Clinics for schools and various events, we are involved in every aspect of cricket promotion and development.  We have partnered with numerous organizations for the benefit of all in the community.



It is our goal to ensure that cricket has a healthy future, particularly in the city which we are based- Mississauga. To that avail we have partnered with various organizations to implement and deliver programs and projects which have been highly successful. Our future plans include the development of our home ground in Mississauga to include turf wickets, nets and other features to help us to continue to deliver the high standard of programs that we are known for. 

Accessibility is a key feature of our programs and events. We aim to deliver cricket coaching and matches for all- boys, girls, men, women, disabled, seniors, new cricketers and old. Our Schools Program is an excellent example of this, having introduced students and teachers, who have had no previous experience of the sport.



On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to congratulate the Ontario Cricket Development Organization for hosting the Mississauga Cricket Festival. Their contributions have helped strengthen the community while advocating for the importance of physical activity, participation and healthy living.

The OCDO is not only significant for the promotion of cricket but is also important to bringing the community together. The organization provides a positive outlet for youth through recreation and sports opportunities in Ontario. It emphasizes community leadership by teaching the importance of teamwork, community, and responsibility.

The Ontario Cricket Development Organization’s contribution and commitment has earned them immense admiration from the community. I would like to thank the organizers, volunteers, and congratulate the athletes for their achievements.
— Hon. Bal Gosal, PC, MP Bramalea-Gore-Malton Minister of State (Sport)
we were very fortunate to engage the services of the OCDO (and Derek Perera), with whom CIMA has a long working partnership in cricket. CIMA’s first project with OCDO was in the development of the CIMA Mayor’s Trophy back in 2005 which was followed by Cricket Across the Pond
Scholarships in 2008. Both these projects still continue as annual community events, positively impacting on the lives of many young cricketers.
— Ranil Mendis CMA, FCMA(UK) Chair, Branding & Public Relations CIMA Canada