The people behind the scenes- working hard to make things happen

Derek Perera, President-EXECUTIVE Director 

 A leader in Canadian cricket development, Derek has played internationally for Canada at all levels (youth and senior). He has played in Sri Lanka, Australia, and England at high levels.

His education in Sport Science and Health Promotion (Masters degree) has given him great understanding and background in physical activity and cricket.  He is one of the most qualified coaches in Canada, and is the head of the academy section. 




Sunil has been part of cricket in Canada since his arrival from Guyana as a teenager. He went on to represent Canada at the senior level and played competitive league cricket throughout his playing years. 

He has been involved in all aspects of the organization from a technical (cricket development) standpoint to administration.




sunil Khandor, treasurer - DIRECTOR OF YOUTH CRICKET

 Sunil is an avid cricketer, having represented Canada at the Under 23 level. He has also played cricket in Australia while doing his teaching certification. 

He teaches at one of the only sports/athletics focused schools in Ontario. He has an in depth understanding of principles in youth development and learning. 

He has been involved in both cricket coaching and administrative planning at the OCDO.


syeda banuri, - community development

 Syeda has been involved in cricket since 2007 as an active volunteer - through her children's involvement in the sport. 

She was one of the lead organizers in the OCDO's largest and most famous event, "The Mississauga Cricket Festival", bringing together delegates and feature guests to grace the event with their support. 


kirstena naidu, secretary-Director of women's cricket

 Kirstena has worked tirelessly at developing a strong Girl's and Women's program. With minimal resources, facilities and support from outside- she has managed to create a program which has produced many of Canada's future cricketers. 

She herself started playing actively as her program took off and has developed a keen interest in the game. She is involved both administratively and as a coach.